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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in many sources. Such as the water we drink and the food we eat. It’s even found in the soil. Like calcium, fluoride is important for strong, healthy tooth and bone development. It can also be applied to the surface of teeth to help reverse enamel demineralization, combat tooth sensitivity, and lower your chances of developing cavities. AV Dental Wellness Group offers professional fluoride treatments after prophylactic cleanings to keep your family’s smiles healthy in the years to come.

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The power of prevention

Keep your smile healthy and strong

Fluoride treatment is a fast, affordable, and effective way to keep your smile healthy and strong, especially when combined with other preventative services.

Why Professional Fluoride Treatments?

The fluoride gel concentrations used by our Lancaster dentist are prescription grade. They are much stronger than any toothpaste or mouth rinse that you’ll find in a store. As a result, a higher concentration of fluoride can saturate your tooth enamel, helping actively reverse acid damage and tooth sensitivity.

Who Needs Fluoride?

Fluoride treatments benefit all of our patients. Especially those who are more prone to decay, have exposed root surfaces, are currently wearing fixed orthodontic appliances, or struggle with sensitive teeth. We recommend a professional fluoride treatment on all children after each checkup, as their teeth are still developing. These frequent applications can help reduce your child’s likelihood of developing cavities.

Different Types of Professional Fluoride Applications

Professional fluoride treatments can be performed in several different ways. Some providers offer topical fluoride treatments, where the fluoride is applied directly to the teeth using a foam, gel, or varnish. Another option is a customized delivery system via a tray that fits over the teeth.

Depending on the type of fluoride treatment you receive, you may need to wait up to 30 minutes or more after the appointment before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

Do I Need Prescription Fluoride?

In addition to these in-office treatments, our Lancaster dentist may also prescribe fluoride supplements to use at home each day. These are taken daily and can help to provide additional protection against tooth decay. The most common is a concentrated gel that you brush onto your teeth at bedtime.

Fluoride for Tooth Sensitivity

Fluoride treatments can help with tooth sensitivity by strengthening the enamel and reducing the exposure of the sensitive nerves inside the pores of your teeth. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects it. When it is weak or thinning, it can allow heat, cold, and sweet sensations to reach the nerves more easily, causing discomfort or pain.

If you’re currently whitening your teeth and experiencing bleaching-related tooth sensitivity, fluoride can help relieve your symptoms. Desensitizing treatments typically last about three months at a time.

Applying Fluoride to Areas of Gum Recession

When gum tissues recede and expose the root surfaces of your teeth, you’re at a tremendously higher risk of tooth decay and sensitivity. Because tooth roots are not covered by dense enamel, the weaker “dentin” layer is more susceptible to acids, plaque, and other oral bacteria. As a result, people with gum recession typically experience more frequent cavities and tooth sensitivity. Applying fluoride gel to exposed root surfaces can significantly improve your oral health.

Why Orthodontic Patients Benefit from Fluoride

Orthodontic patients are at a higher risk of enamel demineralization and decay because the brackets, wires, and other orthodontic appliances used in treatment can make it more difficult to clean the teeth effectively. As a result, sometimes food particles and plaque can become trapped around the brackets and wires, leading to an increased risk of decay and other oral health problems. Specifically enamel demineralization or “white spots” on the teeth once the braces are removed.

By professionally cleaning your teeth and applying fluoride around the braces, we can help limit the risk of demineralized white circles once your braces come off. In many cases, we’ll also prescribe a concentrated gel for our patients with braces to use at home each day.

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Help protect your and your loved one’s teeth with fluoride treatments at AV Dental Wellness Group.

Is Fluoride Safe?

It is important to note that while fluoride can be beneficial to your oral health when used as directed. But like any vitamin or mineral, it is also possible to have too much of a good thing. Excessive fluoride ingestion can result in a condition known as fluorosis, where the teeth become discolored and mottled. The good news is that fluorosis can be avoided with systems in place, such as municipal water filtration, proper fluoride dosing, and talking to a dentist about the right amount of fluoride to use each day.

Young children should always be monitored when using fluoride-containing products such as toothpaste and mouth rinse. While these items can be extremely helpful for their developing smiles, proper dosing is important. If a child ingests large amounts of fluoride toothpaste on an ongoing basis, it could lead to gastrointestinal issues or possible fluorosis.

Is the Fluoride in My Toothpaste Enough?

Like fluoridated tap water, fluoride toothpaste only contains small amounts of this helpful mineral. Applying it to your teeth over time has a cumulative effect of building stronger teeth and reducing the risk of decay. But professional fluoride treatments in Lancaster go above and beyond that. Applying a fluoride gel at your dental checkup significantly strengthens teeth to make them more resistant to acidic bacteria between visits. However, it’s still important to use fluoridated oral hygiene products on an everyday basis.

Types of Fluoride

Not all types and concentrations of fluoride are the same. For example, some may interfere with certain dental materials, causing us to choose one over the other if you have white fillings. Others may work for several hours after the application, providing even better benefits for our patients. There are even certain fluoride compounds that can be placed into restorative materials, allowing them to strengthen your teeth after the treatment, reducing the risk of recurring tooth decay.

Schedule Your Fluoride Treatment Today

Professional fluoride treatments are an important tool in maintaining healthy teeth, regardless of your age. They work by strengthening the tooth enamel, helping to prevent tooth decay, reversing demineralization, and combatting sensitivity. If you’re interested in learning more about fluoride treatments or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact AV Dental Wellness Group in Lancaster, CA today.

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