Now Is the Time for a Professional Dental Checkup

Practicing good dental care at home helps to maintain good dental health. And it is equally important to visit a dentist twice every year to analyze the overall dental health. A dentist performs a professional checkup for the patient, providing detailed insight regarding dental health. At AV Dental Wellness Group, the dentists suggest a professional dental checkup to stay on top with their dental health. 

Signs That You May Need a Professional Dental Checkup

Tooth Ache

It is a significant sign that there is an underlying problem with the patient’s oral health. A complete dental checkup can help detect the cause of the pain and the dentist can initiate the treatment immediately.

Bleeding or inflamed gums

Bleeding gums are a major symptom of periodontal disease. It is crucial to visit the dentist at the earliest to avoid tooth loss. 

Loose teeth

Loose teeth can be a result of an accident or other dental diseases. A dentist helps restore the tooth and saves the patient from tooth loss. 

Advantages of Professional Dental Checkup

Prevent tooth decay

During the dental checkup, the dentist uses a small concave mirror to attain a better view of the teeth. On detecting signs of tooth decay, the dentist initiates fluoride treatment for the patient. Larger cavities are treated and filled to protect them from further damage. 

Remove plaque and tartar.

Plaque and tartar are formed on the teeth due to bad dental hygiene. During a professional dental checkup, the dentist performs root planing and scaling to remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth and gumlines. It helps to protect the patient from gum diseases like gingivitis. 

Detect Oral Cancer

During a professional dental checkup, the dentist uses a digital imaging system and a special light to obtain a better view of the mouth and to detect tumors. Lumps and lesions inside the mouth can be signs of oral cancer. Through the timely checkup, the patient can begin the treatment process immediately. 


A professional dental checkup is crucial to maintaining good dental health. An expert dentist can help detect the disease at the earliest and resolve them. 

AV Dental Wellness Group, located in Lancaster, CA, is equipped with the best dentists and modern technologies that help to impart dental care services for patients. Schedule an appointment with the dentist to know more about dental checkups and other services provided at the practice.