For those who require an implant replacement or restoration, Dr. Kafri, and Dr. Jenney offer implant restorations that can have you smiling again in no time! We can usually complete the process in one visit, so please contact our dental office to schedule your appointment.

An implant restoration follows the process of placing a crown on top of the implant, which is the metal portion that contains a screw and other hardware. We work with top oral surgeons, having them place the implant and tell us when it is ready to be restored. After the crown has been placed on the implant, you can start chewing on it immediately after the procedure. There are a variety of factors when choosing the crown, such as the width, length, angle and color of your restoration that will determine the natural look of your smile.

We invite you to consider our dentists for this service as they are especially knowledgeable and can advise on the best type of abutment restoration for your smile. Our dentists are skilled in the treatment of implant restorations in Lancaster, CA, so please feel free to call AV Dental Wellness Group at (661) 942-1179. Our dental team is here to answer any questions and address your concerns on implant restorations. Please contact us today to find a convenient time for your implant consultation.

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