Welcome to AV Dental Wellness Group! With over 30 years of treating patients in our community, we also have over 30 years of results to show. Below are some of the incredible transformations we have been able to create in patients’ smiles. If you would like to schedule your appointment with our dentists in Lancaster, CA, please call Dr. Kafri or Dr. Jenney today!



Before & After



Veneers and whitening
Replaced old crowns with veneers
Two veneers and whitening
Simple bonding to close gap
Two all porcelain crowns right after placement
Whitening and two crowns
Crowns and whitening
Four replacement crowns and whitening
Eight veneers
Four veneers and whitening
Pitted opaque bonding replaced with translucent porcelain veneers
Minor orthodontics, whitening, two veneers, andbonding
The client received 6 veneers
This is an Anterior Bridge.



Intraoral Image Examples



Cracked Tooth
Cracked Tooth
Cracked Tooth



CariVu Image Examples



Cracked tooth
Decay around filling

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Community for
Over 30 Years