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If you need a crash course on finding relief for your dental anxiety, then you have come to the right place! Dental anxiety is a common concern for people across the nation, which is why our friendly dentists, Dr. Kafri, and Dr. Jenney with AV Dental Wellness Group in Lancaster, CA, are here to assist you with your concerns.

In a nutshell, dental anxiety or dental phobia is a health condition that can make people feel afraid to get the oral health care treatments they need. As a result, dental anxiety prevents people from visiting the dentist, delaying visits or procedures as much as possible, which leads to painful and costly effects that could have been avoided.

The good news is there are tasks you can do to help with your dental anxiety feelings. The first task involves talking to your dental team about your dental anxiety. Please don’t feel embarrassed because thousands of people feel nervous too. As a result, by telling someone, you are helping the dental team make you feel safer and more comfortable while in treatment, which, in turn, can help you.

Other tasks include listening to your favorite movie or music or using a stress-relieving tool like a ball in your hand to squeeze during treatment. The most important thing to know when facing your dental anxiety is our dental team will do everything we can to help you while you are in our care. We are happy to take care of you and your dental anxiety needs. So, call us today at (661) 942-1179 if you need a dentist. Our team is happy to help your smile stay clean and healthy.