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Your Child’s going to the Dentist: What to Expect?

It’s a hassle to get your child to the dentist especially if you don’t know what the dental procedures they’ll be doing, that’s why we compiled a few questions you may have regarding what happens during your child’s dental visit.

We offer a wide friendly service to children that will guarantee exceptional dental hygiene including exams, cleanings, fillings, sedation, and crowns.

What to expect from Exams and Cleanings?

Dental Cleaning and Exams help maintain your child’s oral hygiene and are recommended to be seen every 6 months for a check- up. This allows us to be able to discover any signs of tooth deterioration that may be occurring within their mouth. We first take oral X- to evaluate and determine how to proceed with their dental procedures. The X-Ray s an important step in our evaluation because it allows us to identify any problems that we may not be able to physically see such as, decay in between teeth, developmental abnormalities, improper tooth root positioning and fractures in existing fillings. If the teeth appear to be healthy then we will clean them to further prevent the possibility of any issues that could happen in the future. This helps us keep up with your child’s dental hygiene, so they can keep that radiant smile that you love so much.

What to expect with child fillings?

If the child is found with a cavity that has grown big enough the option of a filling will come up. When this happens, you will be able to discuss which type of filling will best suit the child based on the position of the cavity. If it is in an area that is easily seen when the child smirks or talks then we will most likely recommend composite fillings. This type of filling is a natural tooth color which is beneficial when a child gets a cavity in this area because it is unnoticeable and seamlessly blends with their natural teeth. Otherwise, you may choose to do a silver filling in an area that isn’t as noticeable. Either way, if a cavity is present, we highly recommend to get it taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further tooth decay and mouth discomfort.

What is child Sedation?

Child sedation is when a child is given anesthesia by one of our pediatric professionals in order to help prevent being in pain during a procedure. We design our options based on the demand of the child or the procedure that is needed to be performed. We will discuss with the parent the options that may be beneficial to the child before the procedure itself to establish the best results. It’s safe and current guidelines require at least 2 people in the room to be trained with advanced life support in case of any emergencies that may arise.

Are Crowns for children recommended?

Dental crowns become an option when a tooth is decaying but may no longer be possible to fix with a filling. Dental crowns can also be an option if they need to improve a misshapen tooth, strengthen a tooth that is fractured or weakened or support a large filling when little natural tooth structure remains. The child would receive a crown to go on top of their tooth in order to save the tooth without having to pull it out; leaving a gap. This will help to ensure that your child is able to eat normally as well as develop their speech properly and keep the correct spacing needed for the adult tooth to come in. This helps prevent any further damage to the tooth such as corrosion and cracking of the child’s tooth. When the process is over, your child is left with a pearly white finish to enhance the beauty in their smile.

In our care, your child will be in good, safe, and friendly hands as we help your children’s dental development and comfort through our provided services. If you have any more questions or simply just want more information you can go on our website at or contact us at (661) 942-1179.